Clean-label solutions based on vegetable fibres/linseed flour

Mixeo is a range of clean-label solutions based on vegetable fibres/linseed four.
With its Exxx-free labelling, Mixeo meets the expectations of clean-labelling and naturalness.

The products of the range Mixeo bring smooth and creamy texture et can be used in a wide range of applications. There are, as example, good alternative to hydrocolloids/gums or egg yolk

Mixeo is available in 2 grades to suit your applications and objectives: MixeoGS and Mixeo+

These two grades are also available in organic : MixeoGS BIO and Mixeo+ BIO

Packaging : 20 kg bags.
MixeoGS BIO: also available in 5 kg packaging

sac mixeo clean-label naturel vegetal

You want to replace an additive? Improve the nutritional profile of your products? Replace an ingredient of animal origin or an allergen? Sourcing clean-label ingredients? In conventional or organic grade?

We have the solution!