Texturizing clean-label solutions
for the food industry

100% plant-based
Nutritional and functional properties


Mixeo clean label ingrédient végétal


Mixeo is a range of clean-label solutions based on vegetable fibres/linseed four.

The products of the range Mixeo bring smooth and creamy texture et can be used in a wide range of applications. There are, as example, good alternative to hydrocolloids/gums or egg yolk


Stabeo clean label ingrédient végétal

Stabeo is a range of clean-label solutions based on vegetable fibres.


Stabeo has a very high holding capacity and can be used in a wide range of applications, especially water control (water syneresis).

Your applications

Thanks to their neutral taste and colour, our solutions can be used in many applications: sauces, ready meals, bakery, ice cream, vegan products…

Smoothie clean-labelling
Ingrédients naturels

About Solutive

Solutive is a company created in 2020 in Brittany (France). Solutive offers natural and innovative clean-label solutions to meet the major challenges of the food industry, in perfect harmony with consumer expectations.The proposed solutions are based on two main areas: the substitution of texturising additives and the improvement of the nutritional profile (reduction of salt and sugar).


Offering innovative solutions, in line with current market needs, allowing you to be head of your competitors.


Reactivity is a crucial element for a successful project, we offer to our customers and partners an unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness.


Establishing a special relationship to better understand your goals and to offer you the most suitable innovations and solutions.

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